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Oathsworn Miniatures Launches Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter

Oathsworn Miniatures has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Burrows & Badgers, their new line of anthropomorphic miniatures. And it seems people are really interested in them, since they've already made it over their funding goal and are on their way to 2x funded. The figures will be cast in pewter, but you can see several of the greens now.
They're also working on a set of rules for a fantasy skirmish game using the minis. All backers will get a .pdf of them when they're done.
The program is set to run for another 13 days.

From the campaign:

Welcome to the project page for Burrows & Badgers! This is a project that has us really excited - it's to start production of a miniatures range of anthropomorphic animals, cast in fine pewter.

If you've seen Disney's Robin Hood, read the Redwall books, or played Mice and Mystics, you'll know the sort of thing we mean; mice, hares and other critters walking on their hind legs, wearing clothes and wielding swords... but ours are maybe a bit darker, more swords-and-sorcery than cute and cuddly.

We want to start the range with 20 miniatures; we've got 15 sculpted already, and with any luck, the other 5 will be done before this project ends. And if things go well, we have a long list of extra figures we want to make.

We're also aiming to put out a set of rules for a miniatures skirmish game; they'll be a free PDF for all backers. But that might take some time... the main focus of this project is to start producing the miniatures. I'll keep working on the game rules between sculpting sessions, and will post play-test versions in project updates.