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O.G. Re Games hosts CineManiac: Horror Edition contest

CineManiac combines watching movies and playing games (two things most of us enjoy to do around here). Their Kickstarter is up and running and they wanted to have a little contest in order to promote it (two of the other things we love around here are give-aways and contests).

The contest:
Note: You e-mail your answers in to the address provided. Don't just reply down below. :p

Do you like scary movies? We do! And we want to bring you in on the fun of CineManiac: Horror Edition with a little contest.
The grand prize is: My game's artist will include the winner's likeness into one of the cards (which is a really cool prize for anyone interested in gaming).

For Runners-up: The next 9 winners, I'll mail them an autographed print (signed by me (game designer) and the artist) of art from the game.)

All you have to do is know a little bit about horror movies and a little bit about our Kickstarter. Answer me these questions 3 and you'll be entered into the drawing (you must get all 3 answers right in order for your entry to be accepted).

The three questions are as follows:

1 - What actor's face was the "blueprint" for Michael Myer's mask in the Halloween movies?

2 - What North Carolina based indie-folk band wrote the theme song for the Kickstarter video? (Hint: "stretch" for the answer on the Kickstarter page)

3 - What are the expected dimensions of the card box? (Hint: As any Boardgame Geek will tell you: size matters).

E-mail entries to:
Entries will be taken until the 8th, when the winners will be notified.

Good luck to everyone and be sure to keep the light on.