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NUTS! Weird War 2 update

The Two Hour Wargames blog has an update on the status of the NUTS! Weird War 2 rules. From their website:
I've just finished the draft rules of the Superheroes & Sidekicks section of the NUTS. Weird War 2 book. The Weird Science section with panzermechs, rayguns and rocketeers is also done -- along with rules for real tech from the war like night vision systems, the X-7 ATGM and more. Next up is porting Hell on Earth into this book, with a few new treats like ZX-Gas...aka Zed Gas...while more occult materials will wait for a follow-on book. And of course, playtest, playtest, playtest.. Any serious volunteers, please let me know. I'm hoping to get this to Ed for release this Summer. This is a challenging book to write covering a lot of new ground and I hope it can support some great gaming fun.