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Nuclear War Card Game 50th Anniversary Edition Up On Kickstarter

War! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for?
Playing a silly game with your friends where you try and annihilate their population via nuclear attacks and super viruses.
And it's been going on for a long time. In the case of the Nuclear War card game, 50 years. As such, they're looking to print a new edition of the game. Seems 50 years is as good a time as any. And hey, they have a special pledge level where you save $2 if you have an old copy and send in a photo of an old set of cards you've got that have obviously been well-used (I'm looking at you, Ray!).

So what makes this new edition new? Glad you asked. The first change is that there will be three decks of cards. Those of you familiar with the old version, this new deck will be 55 population cards. The second change is that all the cards will be in full color (old decks were printed in just 2 colors). There are also several brand new cards that have been added to the game. The new edition also comes with a playmat to help you know where to play your cards. The photo on the mat is from an actual Titan II missile base (photo used with permission, so they say).

There's also a special edition wooden box you can get for your game at certain pledge levels.

The campaign is around 2/5 funded, but still has 39 days left to go on the clock if you're interested.