Nuclear Renaissance v2 Boxed Set now available

cover_300.jpgRamshackle Games are now selling copies of the Nuclear Renaissance v2 Boxed Set. From their announcement: Nuclear Renaissance is a Post Apocalyptic skirmish game, designed to work with 30mm (or there abouts.) scale figures and vehicles. Included in the set are loads of resin models and four metal figures. Please have a look at our site for more details on whats included. The game can be played by two or more players and is best played with three. Its a very social game. This is actually the second iteration of the rule set. The core rules have been streamlined from the old version. The maths are now easier and gang generation is very stright forward, but still powerful. That being said, the four years of develpoment for Nuclear Renaissance has meant that this release really is a very strong game engine that is supported by a wide range of figures and vehicles. Along with the release of the boxed set comes all the parts. The figures and vehicles are available seperatley, along with the wheels and tracks which can be found in our shop's "tridlins" section.