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NPC For Hire: Heroes & Villains Back Up On Kickstarter

DMs can always have another resource available to them to help make their games go more smoothly. I mean, they have to populate an entire world (or universe, or multiverses, really). To aid in that, there's the NPC For Hire decks. The Heroes & Villains one is back up on Kickstarter and looking to expand your repertoire of fellow adventurers and adversaries for your group.

From the campaign:

We are the Knights of Vasteel. We are on a mission to create premium tools and accessories for tabletop RPGs that meld the physical and digital worlds into one seamless experience. NPC For Hire: Heroes & Villains is the next step on our journey.

This campaign will add the 4th edition to the NPC For Hire family. We are proud to introduce Heroes & Villains. The money raised from this Kickstarter will fund the artwork, development, and shipping of these decks.

The campaign's approaching 4/5 of the way to its goal with still 27 days on the clock.