Nox Troopers released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age increases their Nox-ious line with the release of their new Nox Troopers.

IAF052 Nox with Jupiter Rifles


From the release:

We have a new release this week adding to the existing Shia Khan Empire forces in 15mm scale.

IAF052 Nox Demos (Jupiter Plasma Rifles)
The Nox are the elite infantry of a Shia Khan Legion. Capable of carrying weapons typically used by a pair of Legionaries or Maligs they can lay down a degree of firepower more than double their actual number if they were lesser troops. Our second brand new pack of Nox.. This pack contains five white metal miniatures depicting Nox armed with Jupiter 46mm Plasma Rifles in various poses including a minor officer in command helmet. Nox miniatures are about 18mm tall and broad across the shoulders. This code can be bought as a pack of five miniatures or as single poses or three packs saving 10%.

There is also one week left on our special offers of 25% off the launch price of our Adder Lifter Combat vehicles.

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