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Nox Troopers released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age has a Nox-ious (see what I did there?) new release over in their webshop. Nox Troopers are available now.


From the release:

Another first for The Ion Age, new 15mm Nox Troopers from the Shia Khan Empire!

IAF051 Nox Demos (Janus Blastguns)
Wearing powered and very tough Segmentum armour the Nox are the elite infantry of a Shia Khan Legion. Given the toughest tasks and carrying weapons that are usually the duty of two Legionaries between them Nox are more than a match for Retained Knights and often pose a challenge to the mighty Desteria Knights too. We are super proud to release our first brand new pack of Nox; the first of many to come. This pack contains five white metal miniatures depicting Nox armed with Janus 47mm Grenade Blast Guns in various poses including a minor officer in command helmet.

Nox miniatures are about 18mm tall and broad across the shoulders. This code can be bought as a pack of five miniatures or as single poses or three packs saving 10%. Price 5.00GBP per pack.

Information Burst
Its more than a week into the month of IMP10 Malig Tank Ace as our free miniature and we are grateful for the nice feedback on this free miniature. Its been a bumper couple of months for Khanate fans and players. You can read a blog post about the origin of the first of the new Nox troopers. Its a short read but it outlines how serious we are to make these great space opera villains into a whole force away from the very first set of them some twenty years ago.

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Click the link and thanks for Reading.