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Nox Command released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age helps you keep your Nox in line with their new Nox Command they've released.

IAF062 Nox Command Demos


From the announcement:

The Ion Age continues to grow with the third new pack of Nox! Also an offer on Nox and a few days left on the Mullo AFV early support offers.

IAF062 Nox Command Demos
Those who lead the elite infantry of a Shia Khan Legion are put into the command of the Nox formations. Our third brand new pack is meant to lead the others into battle. This pack contains give white metal miniatures depicting Nox in command and special poses a senior Officer with twin weapons (Porus Rifle and Cupid Pistol), a banner bearer, a lesser officer with Flora Grenade Gun, a comms specialist kneeling with Hydra Laser Shotgun and a casualty pose (even Nox can die in combat). Nox miniatures are about 18mm tall and broad across the shoulders. This code can be bought as a pack of five miniatures or as single poses or three packs saving 10%. Price 5.00GBP per pack

Come along and have a look and a read. Its a long post but its a really good one.