Now shipping from ADB

Amarillo Design Bureau have are now shipping two new products for Star Fleet Battles.

From their announcement:

Star Fleet Battles: Early Years III
Cry Havoc, and let slip the wolves who herald the very dawn of war!
Return with us once again to that time when warp power was new, phasers had just been invented, and nobody had ever heard of an Andromedan. This third instalment in the history of the Early Years includes battleships for most empires, command cruisers, commando ships to launch the first invasions of alien planets, the dreadnoughts of the ISC member planets, new Tholian destroyers and frigates, Paravian raiders, Carnivon warships that nearly destroyed the feline empires, as well as local defense and support ships for all empires. Stock #5634, $27.95

Star Fleet Battles: Module YG3
This is a combination of the annexes and Master Ship Chart from Modules Y1, Y2, and Y3. This integrates the annexes from all three Early Years modules, and includes all updates, revisions, and corrections of the annexes for Modules Y1 and Y2. This product is 50 pages long, and has a plain cardstock cover (not a color cover as it is not really intended for retail sales).
We have made it available for mail order sales on our website, and a PDF copy of YG3 will be uploaded to e23 on 4 October 2010. (PDF copies of Y3 and other modules will not be made available for several weeks or months.) While we will provide it to wholesalers, we regard this as a special order item and do not recommend that wholesalers stock it in depth (or that retailers stock it at all). Stock #5425, $7.50