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Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out Card Game Now Available

I was lucky when I was in college. My roommates were generally amicable. Sure, there was a misunderstanding now and again, and sometimes they'd leave their alarm clock on when they were out of town, so it'd go off even if they weren't there, but for the most part, it was a generally pleasant situation. I did hear the horror stories, though, from friends whose roomies were the "party animal" type and when it was time to study, they'd have to go elsewhere. Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out relives those days of trying to study when everyone else just seems to want to get their groove on.

You're in your dorm room, trying to study. But most everyone else has already finished their finals and they just want to party one more time before summer. The best way, so you've decided, to get the peace and quiet you need is to make your other student's rooms look more fun than your own. That's the story behind the game. It's a fast-paced, "screw your neighbor" type of game that's quick to play and to teach. You're each trying to get all of the partiers out of your room first. The one that does so can lock their door and get some serious book-learnin' on.

You can pick up the game now over in the Starcap Games webshop.