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Novus Design Studio terrain preview

Novus Design Studio has some preview shots up of some terrain they're working on. They're looking for your feedback, so let them know what you think.

Novus Design Terrain


From the preview:

Hello everyone!
I have posted some teaser pictures and I’m looking for feedback

Here are some images of the new models in our upcoming 28mm Sci-Fi release. These are the first two structures in a series of 6 new models. In addition, Novus is releasing 2 new Sci-Fi crates (pictured with buildings) which will also be made available with the release.

Buildings feature battle-damage and are absolutely loaded with tech details. Models will accommodate several figures and weapon systems and are stackable so you can mix and reconfigured with other models for variety.

The figures are 28mm and are used for scale purposes only. I incorporated many of the ideas that were posted by gamers to make these terrain features as functional as possible while enhancing your gaming experience.

All 6 building models plus the 2 new crate designs are scheduled to be available for purchase June 16. I will post additional images of other models and retail prices soon. Thanks!