November purchasing and gaming poll results

November is come and gone and before we descend into our holiday induced madness it might be interesting to take a look at the results of the November gaming and purchasing poll. We had slightly higher participation this month with 552 people responding to the purchasing poll and 491 responding to the gaming poll.

November gaming

The top ten results for the gaming poll are:

  1. Warmachine 26.27%
  2. Other – Boardgame 22.40%
  3. Hordes 20.37%
  4. Warhammer 40K 16.70%
  5. Warhammer Fantasy Battles 14.26%
  6. Other – Tabletop game 13.24%
  7. Malifaux 12.83%
  8. Infinity 7.94%
  9. Blood Bowl 7.54%
  10. Flames of War 6.52%

November gaming

The gaming results are unchanged form October. Aside from Flames of War the most popular historical rules continue to be Black Powder. Only if you discount Wings of War though which finished three places higher.

Interestingly enough if you total the Privateer Press and the Games Workshop top ten vote totals, Privateer actually scores higher than the combined GW total. We’ll see if this is the case next month when those two games are grouped into a single entry.

Of continuing interest is the high showing of the “Other – Tabletop Game” entry. The poll has 125 different games in it and yet, without fail, the “Other – Tabletop Game” entry polls in the top five. Clearly the hobby has a lot of gamers who are interested in a wide range of games. When it comes to purchases though the “Other – Tabletop Game” category scores 5% lower in the poll. It seems that while we might have other games to play we are spreading our purchases to other games.

October purchasing

The top ten results for the purchasing poll are:

  1. Warmachine 25.18%
  2. Hordes 23.01%
  3. Warhammer 40K 21.92%
  4. Other – Boardgame 16.12%
  5. Malifaux 15.04%
  6. Warhammer Fantasy Battles 14.31%
  7. Other – Tabletop game 9.24%
  8. Infinity 8.88%
  9. Flames of War 8.15%
  10. Eden 7.07%

November buying

The purchasing number are very similar with the boardgame category taking a jump into fourth place. Perhaps this is an indication of people purchasing boardgames for the holidays or for gifts. Firestorm Armada drops out of the top ten list from October and drops seven places to 17th. EDEN is a new entry moving into tenth place from 55th position in the October poll.

Surprise 12th place finisher last month, AT-43, managed to stay in 11th spot in November. Clearly there are a lot of people interested in picking up discount AT-43 figures to use in their gaming.

King of War placed in 17th position in the gaming poll but only 31st in the purchasing poll.

And if anyone is curious, GW’s other “core” game, War of the Rings, only managed to garner two votes in the purchasing poll and a single vote in the gaming poll. This doesn’t compare very favourably at all to the 22nd place showing for Lord of the Rings in the gaming poll (11 votes) and 28th in the buying poll with an equal number of votes. If these numbers are any indication there are not as many people playing War of the Ring as are playing the skirmish equivalent of the game.

Does this bear any tidings for Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition giving the obvious inheritances of that game from the War of the Rings rules?

Perennial underdog Blood Bowl again managed a top ten finish in the gaming poll and finished 12th in the purchasing poll. Clearly the game has a lot of potential and it seems odd that GW doesn’t do more to promote what is clearly a popular game.