November ’09 releases for Infinity

by Grant Hill

Several new releases for Infinity were announced by Corvus Belli at the end of November ’09. They have provided us with the following miniatures to review:

Tomcat Engineer Price: €7.50

The Nomad Tomcats are an emergency and rescue special team, trained to react quickly to civilian emergencies in deep space. They have also become a militarised team composed of many specialists, making them into something resembling a contemporary search and rescue team. The figure is provided in three parts: body, right arm with engineering device, and left arm holding a combi rifle with light flamethrower. An acetate sheet containing various engineer readouts (similar to those provided with hackers in the Infinity line) is also provided. Both of the arms join via a ball and socket inset within a ball and socket design. This means that it is very easy to attach the arms, but that the positions are fixed, meaning that you’re essentially stuck with a single pose.

The miniature has some great details, including various engineering tools visible in pockets on the legs and a high-tech backpack that presumably accounts for the airborne infiltration rule in-game, or simply allows for the stowage of more tools. I really like the industrial yet futuristic design of the weapon, but it does look a little unwieldy for holding with one hand. Perhaps lightweight future alloys or some other futuristic invention are responsible. Otherwise the pose coveys the sense of an engineer fixing or assessing something in the middle of a firefight. While the studio paint job does unfortunately make it look like the Tomcat is wearing a sports bra, there is no need to paint it in this manner, and I can find very little that I don’t like about the piece overall.


  • Great small details
  • Pose does a good job of conveying what the miniature is


  • None

Cadmus Shasvastii with boarding shotgun Price: €8.50

This Combined Army unit is an airborne infiltration group that can deploy deep into the battlefield, scan an enemy trooper and copy his capabilities (replacing some of their in game stats with those of the target).The miniature comes as four pieces: body, left arm, right arm with boarding shotgun, and head. The smaller pieces all have a nub of metal that fits into a recess on the body, when attaching the arms the recess is within an additional shoulder recess, making for a smooth join. On both arms the nub does look like a pieces of excess metal from the casting, I almost mistakenly snipped one of them off. Like all of the Shasvastii, this Cadmus has bare feet and is standing on its toes, this means some care will need to be taken if you want to attach him to a non-slotted resin base.

The head has a long tail-like growth at the back that gives the figure a slight resemblance to Earthworm Jim. The metal on this “tail” is pretty thin so it can be easily bent if you wish to produce a slightly different look than that in the studio photographs. Both the boarding shotgun and the device (I’m guessing it’s the morpho scanner) on the left arm are pretty bulky, which is slightly at odds with the long and lean appearance of the Shasvastii. I’m not much of a fan of the blade like attachments to each arm either, it looks like the Cadmus would be in danger of stabbing himself in combat. The pose does make the Cadmus look like a pretty mean alien, and I can see in my mind’s eye that he’s scanning some heavy infantry trooper to boost his shooting and melee ability. The nubs on the arms mean that although the miniature is easy to assemble, with plenty of support for the heavy limbs, achieving a different pose will require some conversion skills.


  • Great pose


  • Overly large equipment and arm blades spoil the overall look

Asawira Price: €8.50

The Haqqislam Asawira Regiment are elite heavy troops that are well-suited for most combat zones in the Human Sphere. The kit comprise six parts: body, left leg, right arm with AP rifle, left arm with sword, and two hip/leg guards. The leg attaches at the hip with a nub and recess, both the hip and leg take advantage of other ridges and recesses to help create a strong bond. Similarly the arms attach at the shoulders with ball and socket joints, but the surrounding areas are shaped such that there is really only one orientation they can take. Due to the way the arms cross it is much easier to attach the sword arm first. The leg guards fit over the softer, flexible areas of the armour around the hip joint (and hang down a bit lower). The reverse of the guards have an area moulded to fit the flexible area of the hips, by moving the guard around slowly it was possible to get it in the correct place, but I’m not sure how long they’ll stayed attached.

The pose of the figure has a lot going on; the left leg is raised, the Asawira is looking down the sight of his AP rifle, and the left arm is crossed underneath the right such that the sword is pulled back ready to strike. While some may find it too busy, it gels well with the dynamic nature of the bulk of the Infinity line of miniatures. The crossed arms will make some of that region difficult to reach with a brush though. The armour looks very manoeuvrable for heavy infantry, and this is reflected in the in-game stats. I’m not sure how well the hip pads would work in practice, and the tall shoulder pieces would be a bit of a hinderance, but the detail on this figure is fantastic with a whole lot of different panels and pieces making up the armour. I could imagine that this would make the figure a little intimidating to paint for some people.


  • Very dynamic pose combined with a great level of detail


  • The crossed arms will make some areas difficult to paint

Kuang Shi Price: €23.50

The Kuang Shi are political prisoners of the Yu Jing that have been brainwashed into units that serve the very system they hate. They have been outfitted with incendiary explosives (that can be denoted remotely by a separate controller) and a cheap chain rifle. The Kuang Shi are packaged in a box similar to those the Infinity starter sets come in (a nice looking printed glossy cardboard outer with a plain thick cardboard inner packed with foam). The box contains four complete models, with a choice of five different sets of arms (four chain rifles and one boarding shotgun). All of the arms join via a small nub and socket, and although I didn’t assemble every different combination with superglue they are modular; the four miniatures I assembled are different to those pictured on the box.

I chose to construct one figure with the boarding shotgun and three with chain rifles, I purposefully avoided the chain rifle where the left and right arms need to line up exactly, although the boarding shotgun is a similar “gun cradle” type of pose. Assembly was relatively easy after a little dry fitting to figure out where the arms could be positioned. The Kuang Shi all wear helmets that completely cover their faces and are connected to large backpacks – presumably part of the brainwashing tech. Large rings are worn around the ankles and wrists to represent the explosives. Compared with much of the Infinity line these figures seem a little stiff with somewhat restrained poses. This may be a by-product of the modular nature of the kit, but at the same time it seems somewhat fitting for brainwashed “zombies”. One exception is the figure drawing their knife from behind the back, while it depends upon which body you choose to attach those arms to, this figure conjures a wonderful sense of movement.


  • Modular kit allows personalisation of the figures


  • Figures are a little stiff compared with the rest of the line