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NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, combining gaming with charity

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation combines gaming with charity, raising money for various causes by raffling off great items. Check 'em out.

From them to you:


The House of the Silent King necron army is complete and on the way here. Raffle tickets selling on the site.

KR's "custom cases" for all three armies have shipped; NOVA artists will be applying logos to cases upon arrival.

The Redemption of the Fallen dark angels army is well underway.

The Lightish Red Army (Warmachine Khadors) is neck and neck with Silent King - tickets purchased HERE.

Additional Info:
• Ticket sales will end at 2:00pm EST on September 1, 2013 ... whether onsite at the NOVA or online.
• 11th Company will be streaming video of drawing on September 1, 2013 - between 8 and 8:30 pm EST.