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NOVA Open Charitable Auction Has Two Dark Age Armies

As you know, I'm a fan of gaming. If that gaming also helps a charitable foundation, then that takes something already pretty cool and just turns the awesome up to 11. The NOVA Open Charitable Auction works to raise funds for charities by selling raffle tickets for armies for various games. They currently have two going on, which are their first of the year. They're two different Dark Age armies painted by the talented (and very cuddly) Dave Taylor.

One's a Dragyri Ice Caste force while the other is a St. Isaac Forsaken force. Tickets for the raffle are $5 apiece. There's only 300 tickets available per force, so you'll want to hurry and get yours if you haven't already. Proceeds from the raffle will go to Doctors Without Borders, a group well-known for sending in medical help to those who really need it the most.

The winner of the raffle will be announced during the CMON Expo.