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Nova Aetas Late Pledges Now Available

Sometimes you just don't get a chance to back a Kickstarter that you really want to. That funding period might fall during a time when you're short on cash and you just can't make it. It can really bum you out. But in the past couple years, more and more companies are letting people join in after the project's concluded during a Late Backer period. Well, Ludus Magnus Studio is one such company. They've just opened up their Pledge Manager and are letting people join in now.

Granted, there's still a little bonus if you backed originally. Late pledges are being charged a little more than the game was made available during the campaign.

There's also some news about character packs. The Duel Packs in resin are no longer available, as they would be the same as PVC ones, and thus not add anything new to the game. Also, Duel Packs will have all the cards needed to play them, which makes sense.