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Nova Aetas back up on Kickstarter

Ludus Magnus Studios regrouped, reconfigured, re-mathed, and has relaunched their Kickstarter campaign for Nova Aetas, their cooperative dark renaissance strategy game. They've already made it over 50% of their goal in this short time, and there's still 22 days to go.

From the campaign:

Nova Aetas is a tabletop miniatures wargame set in an alternative Renaissance world.

Inspired by classic Japanese tactical RPGs such as 'Final Fantasy Tactics' and 'Tactics Ogre', in Nova Aetas you will battle enemies controlled by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. With every challenge you will be presented with meaningful choices that will change the course of game events. To ensure an engaging game experience we have opted for high quality materials and the use of highly detailed miniatures.

Contents List:
Rule Book
Story Book
4 miniatures of the heroes
46 miniatures of the enemies:
5 Guards of the Pope
8 Swiss Guards
1 Priest
8 Slavic mercenaries
5 Mercenaries with crossbow
2 Gipsies
1 soldier of fortune
8 Warrior Fauns
5 Musician Faun
3 centaur archers
5 six-sided dice
5 eight-sided dice
5 ten-sided dice
1 double-sided game board
Cardboard 3D scenery:
Woodland Terrain:
2 Fir Trees
2 Oak Trees
6 Bushes
Town Terrain:
2 Buildings (2x4 squares, double-sided to make two different buildings)
2 Buildings (3x3 squares, double-sided to make two different buildings)
Cardboard Tokens
30 Enemy Cards
40 Crafting Cards