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Notice Me, Senpai Card Game Coming To Kickstarter

Fans of anime know about the "Notice me, Senpai!" thing. It's where a character is really hoping that their teacher or boss or somesuch notices them and goes out of their way to hopefully catch their eye. I mean, it's basically like we do in real life, hoping that a person we have a crush on notices us. Well, that's going to be coming to your tabletops as Sugoi Squad is coming out with Notice Me, Senpai, a new card game. They will be launching a Kickstarter for it in November.

About the game:

Sugoi Squad is pleased to announce the creation of Notice Me, Senpai! An anime conversation card game coming to kickstarter in November.

Sugoi Squad presents, Notice Me, Senpai, the insane anime game where you create improbable love stories with your friends! Will you win the heart of your true love and get senpai to notice you?

Each round, three or more players take the roles of the lovestruck, hopeful kouhai (juniors) and one player is the senpai (senior) that they are pining for. Kouhai take turns creating two card word combos from their hand and then weaving a short tale of how that phrase would win the heart of the senpai.

It’s not going to be that easy though, as there are thirty different senpai with different personalities, and over fifty different episodes cards that establish the scenario. Kouhai players will have to think creatively to create a combo that the senpai player finds the funniest, most interesting, or just overall best!

Whoever wins the hearts of the most senpais, wins!