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North Wars: The Martian Conquest RPG Up On Kickstarter

After Thanksgiving, I move some DVDs on my shelf out of the way (the shelf's deep enough to have two layers of DVD boxes on it) and grab all my Christmas movies for watching during the month. There's all the regular classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Muppets Christmas Carol, and A Christmas Story. But there's also a dvd of Mystery Science Theater 3000. That one's Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. I actually just watched it yesterday. Well, Grim Games has made an RPG supplement that's loosely based on the movie (robot pals not included) and they have put it up on Kickstarter.

The supplement uses the FATE system, so those that already know how that works can just pick up and go with the game. The campaign is also "pay what you want." So getting the digital version is as low as $1 and the print version is just $6, but you can pay more if you want.

This is a pretty short campaign, with only 9 days left to go if you're interested.