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North Star Releases New Figures

North Star releases new figures:

From their announcement:

Our first new North Star Africa! figures from designer Steve Saleh are available now.

His first four creations make up our Wazungu pack. Wazungu is an African word for European hunters and explorers. It isn't a description of their skin colour, it means something strange and frightening, which is how these guys must have appeared in their outlandish clothes carrying terrifying weapons.

Wazungu is the term given in our game, Death in the Dark Continent, for these guys. They can either be added to African armies, or be leading large expedition forces of their own. The Wazungu armies don't need many figures, as can be seen on our Facebook page where there are photos of Mark Wheatley's Wazungu army in action.

The figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted.

The pack cost £5.40.