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Norsgard updates with new art, wips and June releases

Norsgards did a pretty big update on their website that's got a little bit of everything, from new concept art, to a new green, to June releases.

From the update:

Hello after a long pause! It was pretty quiet in the last few weeks, but that does not mean that nothing happened. It's time we let you know what we were doing all this time!

First of all, I would like to recommend that you read the next story by Brian Nelms. You can find it in the World section.

If we are on the topic of Temple of Storms, we present here the next model for this army. The Temple sends it's Executors to battle!
We are also proud to present a preview of another orc model: The Fallen - sculpted by legendary sculptor Benoit Cosse!
And here is some concept art for Ravn Skaller by excellent artist Didier Poli.
Finally, here are the June releses, available in our Store shortly!