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Norsgard posts up big update about January releases

Norsgard posted up a big announcement about their January releases. Go take a peek.

From the update:

New releases are just around the corner - the first of the trio of Mork warriors, plus a restock of the previous releases in our on-line store! Valdis the Witch of the Undead faction will be available in next week. Besides these, the long-awaited Special and Combat cards are also going to be added to the store. What’s more we will add those cards for free for each order over 40 Euro!

In other news, army cards are making a return and will be included with every model. Unfortunately, cards for the Tribal Warrior and the Warchief will not be ready till February.

What is more, the game rules have undergone a slight change. From now on, you can field an army made up of units belonging to all the noble peoples of Isbran united under the banner of the Alliance of Ice, while all the evil forces of the lands rally together under the banner of the Alliance of Fire. For the anxious, we have posted on our forums in Rules section an excerpt from the new rulebook detailing army-building rules. The revised rulebook itself will be available from our site early February.

Take a close look on the Dark Guard. These solemn mages are keepers of the order’s secrets and will stop at nothing to prevent other nations from discovering them.

Stay tuned... It is only going to get better.