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Norsgard launches fantasy minis Kickstarter campaign

Norsgard has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new 32mm scale minis game.


From the campaign:

Norsgard is a heroic scale (32mm) skirmish game. Two or more players take control of a small band of warriors, usually between 4 and 10. Norsgard's unique engine allows you to control all the aspects of the action. You control a warriors stances, spells, equipment, and special training. Victory requires planning, action, and sometimes luck.

Once you have mastered fighting a single battle Norsgard's campaign system comes into play. Create your band of warriors and lead them into battle. Survivors earn Experience and Levels allowing them to gain new skills and fighting prowess. Those that have fallen can recover, or return to battle scared mentally or physically. Earn coin to increase your armies numbers or unlock powerful magics.