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Norsgard - Join the Game

Norsgard has their preliminary rulebook for their game now available to download from their website.


From the announcement:

Be sure to download the game rulebook which is now available at our site. Since its first draft, the game went through a large number of changes, which resulted in the game being a more complete experience. Finally we were also able to add the long awaited campaign mode.

The rulebook is rich with illustrations that help you immerse yourself in the setting, in which small bands of heroes face each other in furious battles. The graphic design is the child of famous and well-known artists, who I am sure you will recognize by their unique styles! Their contribution enabled us to create breath taking models which will be a delightful pleasure to paint.

Lastly, please bear in mind that as one of the very few companies that don’t rely on crowd funding, we are able to meet your demands faster and you won’t be waiting long for your orders to arrive. Templars from the Order of the Ram will move out swiftly, forcing their way through icebound paths to deliver you your goods.
As the army of elven undead approach, the world of Norsgard needs your support more than ever in its history!