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Normandy: the Beginning of the End Tactical War Game Up On Kickstarter

The storming of the beaches at Normandy. It's arguably one of the most important days in world history. Certainly, the entire outcome of WWII could be in question if that invasion hadn't gone the way it did. As such, every aspect of it has been picked over time and again, both by experts and those that are amateur historians. Gamers also love to pour over every detail, looking at "what if" scenarios. You can do that sort of thing with Normandy: The Beginning of the End, a new tactical war game that's part of the War Storm Series of games. It's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Normandy, the Beginning of the End is a tactical war game and the fourth installment of the renowned saga War Storm Series (WSS) in which players lead their troops through scenarios that take place on the Western Front from the early days of the D-Day landings until August 1944.

In this new title we have overhauled the Standard rules manual, now available in both languages, English and Spanish. We have reinforced the didactical aspect while maintaining the tactical depth that distinguishes the WSS saga. In addition, we have improved the overall quality of the components. All in all, we have created an excellent product at a very competitive price.

The campaign is more than 3x funded with still plenty of time to go through stretch goals. 36 days, to be exact.