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Nomad Games Summer Sale Happening Now

When you go out on vacation this summer, you might want to bring along some games to play. Picking up digital versions of your favorite board games remedy the need to lug around big game boxes, and eliminate the worry of losing pieces while you're away. The folks at Nomad Games certainly can feel your pain, and so they're making it easier to pick up their games by having themselves a sale.

The Talisman: Digital Edition, plus the Talisman: The Horus Heresy, are on sale until the 4th of July. How much of a sale are we talking about? Oh, up to 70%. That's quite a sale. Versions for PC, Mac, and mobile versions are all on sale.

Nomad Games’ Managing Director Don Whiteford said, "There is already a growing and dedicated community enjoying the Talisman series, and with the sale there is a real push to get more players online sharing the fun. We’ll be delivering more expansions for both games over time, so there is always a new experience just around the corner."

Want something a bit more classic? Maybe that you can play with grandparents? There's a digital version of Backgammon also available that's part of the sale as well.