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Nocturn Board Game Now On Indiegogo

Nocturn is a new horror/strategy board game that's up on Indiegogo and looking for funding. In the game, players play as one of 4 houses that are looking to conquer neighboring lands. There is a potential 5th player, though, who controls Death. While the other 4 players raise armies from fiefdoms that they control, Death starts with nothing and must slowly use the meager resources given to them in a bid to try and bring all the other players to ruin.
The campaign is set to run another 40 days.

From the campaign:

Nocturn is a game that combines two genres — strategy and horror. It takes place in the underworld where players take control over one of the four main nations struggling to survive among the dead realm: Kingdom, Triumvirate, League and Hegemony. Players establish Houses and grant them lands, obtaining more Lords for their wars and intrigues. Through those Houses they also call armies or build mighty cities and strongholds for their nations. Their goals are simple: expanding borders and finally subjugating each other. If cornered, any of the four players can turn to dark and ancient power to gain advantage over others... The power that is controlled by the 5th player. But such madness, comes with a price, as the goal of the fifth player isn't supremacy but annihilation of all the other players.

Though weak at the beggining of the game and mostly hidden from regular gameplay, if underestimated Death may succeed with awaking its Hordes and sweep across the world in devastating tide of reclamation.