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Noble USE ME Support Pack, USE ME Cyberpunk, USE ME Eldritch Horror now out as downloads

Barking Irons now has several more of their USE ME sets available as downloads.

We have added three more titles to our paid downloads page for the USE ME Series taking the total to twelve titles. UM010 Support Pack gives you all you need for Tactics, Stategy, Terrain Building, Weather and more adding to any other USE ME title. UM011 Cyberpunk gives you rules and more for skirmish wargaming in an age of tech and corporate war. UM013 An Eldritch Horror presents a twisted vision of the British Isles in the 1930's filled with creeping death for your skirmish wargaming. Each download purchase contains a full version of the title, seperate colour covers and an 'ease print' plan version for home printing should you so desire. Designed from scratch for on screen viewing and searching. Each is an instant download for only $5.00 by Paypal. Superb Value!