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Noble Armdada Vuldrok Galliot preview

Mongoose Publishing have posted an image of the 3D sculpt for the Noble Armdada Vuldrok Galliot figure. Vuldrok Galliot From their website:
Sandrine has just sent me the 3D model of the Vuldrok Galliot, which will be available this time next month; This is part of a fleet that has no Shields but very heavy armour, and just loves to board enemy ships - Hazat nobles, watch out. The Kurgan Fleet is now up on the web site, and we'll be posting piccies of the larger ships (Carrier, Cruiser and Dreadnought) just as soon as they get a lick of paint on them. If you are a quick painter, both fleets should be ready in time for our Lord of the Fading Suns tournament, on July 16th.