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Noble Armada: Vuldrok Fleet for pre-order

Mongoose Publishing are now accepting pre-orders for the Noble Armada: Vuldrok Fleet.  Vuldrok Fleet From their announcement:
We have just posted details of the all new Vuldrok Star Nation, the latest fleet for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada. The Vuldrok are a savage race of humans, keen to get to grips with their enemy , and equipped with the warships to do just that. From the heavily armoured Froljir galliot to the mighty Slatra Konungr dreadnought, this fleet will test the mettle of the finest noble admiral. You can find the entire fleet up for pre-order, plus download the official fleet list for free. Sharp-eyed admirals will also note that we have also put the Hawkwood Stealth Fighter up for pre-order, and Planet Mongoose features a preview of the next fleet to appear, the utterly alien Vau.