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Noble Armada Vau preview

Mongoose Publishing have posted a preview of three ship designs for the Vau fleet for the Noble Armada space combat game. Vau Sentinel From their website:
The Vuldrok have made their appearance - now it is time to preview the next fleet... the utterly alien Vau. These ships play very differently to others in the A Call to Arms: Noble Armada universe, reflecting their high technology and unusual method of powering their ships. Each harnesses the energy of a quantum sphere which is carried in the ships' 'claws' and the Vau can use this to bolster specific aspects of their vessels. Instead of using a Special Action, a Vau ship can boost its movement, defences or weaponry. For example, if boosting movement, the ship's Speed is doubled for the turn or, alternatively, the entire ship can be 'teleported' a short distance to really put your enemy off balance. Though each ship only has one meson blast weapon system, it is extremely powerful, with the toughest sporting Accurate, Devastating +1 and Multihit 3D6 - and that is before the quantum sphere boosts it.