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Noble Armada update

The Planet Mongoose blog has a new post with more details of the upcoming release of the Noble Armada space combat game. From their website:
Today, we received a package that contained the latest and freshly painted ships for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada - always an exciting time in the office. Then, we were doubly blessed as the latest casts from the US arrived, ready for their own paint jobs. We are now just a handful of ships away from having the range completed, painted, photographed, and ready to go, so you will be seeing them on our site within a couple of weeks or so. The rulebook itself is ready, as are the new wipeable datacards we have prepared for the game, just waiting to have photos of the new ships dropped into them, and then they will be off to print. We are currently predicting that pre-orders will go out towards the end of February, while most retailers will see this game in the first couple of weeks of April (such are the vagaries of the distribution network). Pretty much on time.
Check out their website for full details.