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Noble Armada - Final Countdown

The Planet Mongoose blog has details of the final stages in the release of the Noble Armada space combat game. From their website:
We are all on standby here at Mongoose now - the final days of work on Noble Armada hove into view. We have pre-arranged a printing date for the rulebook with the printers (this allows the printers to fast track the printing of the book, so it takes a little over a week instead of little under a month), and that means delivery on this Friday, AM US-time. Fortunately, we are well ahead of the game. The rulebook is laid out and just awaiting photographs of the awesome new miniatures we have been preparing for this range. Many pairs of eyes have gone through this book, both inside Mongoose and without, and we know it is a good 'un. The bulk of the new ships arrived on Friday, all sporting spiffy paint jobs, and we are expecting two more to arrive tomorrow. That leaves just one that we are expecting to arrive from the US today, which will be turned around by our painter this week (and we have to give full kudos to our CTA painter, Hugh Paton, who has made heroic efforts to get all of these models done).
Check out their blog for the full article.