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NMBR 9 Now Available From Z-Man Games

I'm a huge fan of puzzle games. Blokus, Set, and Apotheca are three my absolute most-favorite games out there, for example. So I'm looking forward to getting a chance to try NMBR 9, the new tile-stacking game from Z-Man Games. Players are looking to place their number-shaped tiles on the stack, but there's very specific rules about how they can go. Get the high tile to score the most points. You can pick up your copy now.

From the release:

It’s time to test your mind. An intriguing puzzle awaits as you build your display of number tiles. But with everyone placing the same tile every turn, are you clever enough to build the display worth the most points? Z-Man Games is pleased to announce that NMBR 9 is available in stores now!
Take it to the Next Level

NMBR 9 is a game of careful planning, adapting, and ultimately stacking tiles to score the most points possible. Each of the game’s ten uniquely-shaped tiles covers a different amount of space and players must do their best to strategically stack their tiles as high as they can. Tiles on higher levels are worth more points, but a solid base must be in place before tiles can be placed on top of one another.