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Ninjabread releases new shirt

Ninjabread Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

Put the WAR in your wardrobe with the brand new Ninjabread shirts.

The first wave of Ninjabread apparel is now ready to stop you gaming unclothed. Tee-shirts proudly emblazoned with Radical Inquisitor Murderbunga, the Cyberknight Thundershark, le Minotour de France and Ultracurses are now all ready you to slide your unclothed body into.

They’re far better at stuffing any stocking than a piddly little miniature, making your Christmas go further.

Suitable for spilling both ketchup and acrylic paint down, assuming you want to permanently add said substances to the design.

Available is sizes through from S to XXXL, there’s something for everyone. Unless you’ve got an unusual number of arms or wings.

Available to buy now to ship all over the world. Brought to you by the wargaming webcomic Ninjabread.