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Ninja Division to Publish DrunkQuest

Raise your tankards high, it's time to get shloshed!
Ok, so while I, personally, am a teetotaler, I'm not against others responsibly kicking back with a cold one or various other intoxicating beverages of choice. And if you want to throw in some gaming with it, that's alright, too. With that being said, Ninja Division has announced that they will now be publishing DrunkQuest and its various expansions.

For those that don't know, DrunkQuest is a lighthearted game where players play heroes on a quest to defeat monsters. However, defeating the monsters requires a drink. Usually, you'd drink in celebration of defeating a monster. DrunkQuest just moves that toast up a little bit.
The are two expansions for the game The 90 Proof Seas adds a bit of piracy to your games, while Porcelain Gods is for the non-drinkers in the group (such as myself).

All of these are available to order from Ninja Division.