Ninja Division Signs License Agreement with Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Aug 25th, 2017

Ninja Division is teaming up with Games Workshop to bring you a new tabletop card game. It’s called Doomseeker and it has players fighting as Dwarf Slayers against one-another, seeking a glorious death in order to pay for a previous crime they’ve committed.

From the announcement:

Ninja Division has signed a license with Games Workshop to create a card game under the Warhammer Fantasy property for the tabletop games market.

Doomseeker is a tabletop card game, created by David Freeman and John Cadice, where players take on the role of a mighty dwarf slayer. Each player’s character is sworn by the slayer’s oath to seek a glorious death in battle for a crime committed or stain on that dwarf’s honor. The slayers eschew worldly pursuits, dye their beards and hair in fierce and fiery reds and oranges, tattoo their ruddy flesh, take up their weapons, and wander the old world seeking their doom battling monsters and enemies of their race.

The Doomseeker card game pits players against one another to see who can die the most glorious death! Push your luck, challenge the denizens and monsters of the Old World, with each victory bringing you more glory, and ultimately your death can be met at the hands of a truly worthy foe! Slotted for release in Spring 2018, Doomseeker will be a boxed card game with cards, dice, and tokens needed to play.


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  • Kaleb Eubank

    I find this curious as allegedly the FFG split was over FFG doing minis. Ninja Division was made to do minis.

    • Andrew Franke

      That is the problem with rumor. You have no idea how true it is. In this case the allegations were completely false as FFG was contracting the Mini’s anyway.

      • odinsgrandson

        That’s right. It is entirely possible that FFG were looking at their new game concepts and saying “We could reskin anything Warhammer as Star Wars, and we all know which IP will be pulling in more sales.”

        Especially since Ninja Divisions’ facebook page definitely thinks that Chibi Warhammer minis are a real possibility.

        • Andrew Franke

          Could be but none of us know. I think the Star Wars IP is more valuable since the GW IP’s were not doing well. The Warhammer RPG tanked.I don’t think they could have afforded both IP’s and think it was more of an FFG decision than a GW one. Most of the GW FFG products did really well. The LCG’s and the 40k RPG and the boardgames.

          Star Wars is on the front end of a new Trilogy that will bode well for sales while GW is struggling as a Company though 40k’s new edition looks good that was released after the FFG deal was over.

          • odinsgrandson

            From the numbers I’ve seen, Asmodee (owner of FFG) is quite a bit bigger than GW.

            GW financial statements for years have talked about how good their licensing deals have done (the FFG games and the Videogames).

            I can’t say that I know why either of them would want to split, but I could see either or both trying to negotiate for a better deal and ultimately failing.