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Ninja Division Posts Golden Kobold Painting Contest Info

Gen Con is just a couple months away.
...Holy hell! Gen Con's only a couple months away!!! *cough* ... yes, anyway, well, at the show, Ninja Division is going to be running their Golden Kobold painting competition. Grab your paints and brushes, it's time to show that you're one of the top painters in the land.

From the announcement:

Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures is proud to present the first annual Golden Kobold painting, taking place at Gencon in Indianapolis, Indiana August 17 – 20th.

This painting competition is open to ALL chibi miniatures no matter the manufacturer. We believe that a strong community helps us all grow this genre we love, and encourage hobbyists to explore and produce inspiring new painted miniatures. We will update you with registration location and times as we get closer to the event, all entries need to be received by 3PM Saturday, August 19th, at the event desk.