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Ninja Division Launches Ninja All-Stars Kickstarter

Ninja Division has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Ninja All-Stars, their new miniatures board game. The figures come pre-assembled, so those of you that are more "board game geeks" as opposed to "miniatures geeks" don't have to worry about cracking open the box the first time you want to play and having to spend hours with cyanoacrylate.
In the game, players control ninjas from one of 6 rival clans. They're all participating in the Moonlight Tournament in order to win the favor of the Moon Princess.
Will you come out ahead and be mooned? ... wait... I don't think that's quite the right terminology.
Anyway, the Kickstarter will be up for the next 28 days.

From the campaign:

Ninja All-Stars® features fully assembled, high quality miniatures and exciting community-building, league-style gameplay!

Build a team of elite ninja and compete for honor and glory against rival clans. Games pit 2 - 4 players against one another in a series of challenges to earn the favor of the Moon Princess. Between challenges, ninja earn experience to gain new abilities and combat aptitudes. As leader of your clan, you guide the growth of your team, including hiring powerful Heroes and Ronin to aid your cause.
Become an All-Star!

It's easy to become an All-Star. There is only one pledge for Ninja All-Stars and it includes everything you see in the awesome graphic below. As we unlock stretch goals, the rewards are sure to grow, so go tell your friends to become an All-Star too!