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Ninja Division and Seven Seas Teaming Up To Become Shinobi 7

There's a new company in the gaming world. It's a combination of Ninja Division and Seven Seas. The two are working together to create Shinobi 7. So for those of you out there that love various Anime and Manga series and wish that there were more games that involved them, you're in luck, since that's just the sort of thing that Shinobi 7 will be looking to produce.

“I’m absolutely thrilled about our partnership,” says Seven Seas Publisher Jason DeAngelis, who will act as Shinobi 7’s CEO. “Ninja Division is a groundbreaking company that has created a new category of chibi-style games. They are experts at what they do, and have earned the respect of the gaming community. Combined with Seven Seas’ licensing capabilities, Shinobi 7 is well-positioned to acquire and curate licenses and make high quality games.”

The first game you can be looking forward to from this super-group is the Space Dandy Galactic Deck-Building Game. The game will take the anime Space Dandy (which you can watch on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim) and bring it to your tabletop. The initial release of the game will have over 200 cards, 40 tokens, and player boards. You will be able to pick it up the 4th quarter of this year.

There's also more products coming, such as the Tokyo Ghoul Deck-Building Game, a Strike Witches miniatures board game, and Space and Wolf economy board game. Those you can expect to see in 2017.