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Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Now Available in PDF

At the suggestion of a friend, I recently watched through a bunch of the Naruto anime series. And while I can't say that I particularly liked the show, itself, the concepts of all the various ninjas was pretty cool. Special Jutsus and Chakra energy and all that other kind of high-flying fun stuff would be great to play as an RPG. Oh hey! Look! It's Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, now available in pdf format. Just what I was looking for.

This isn't just the old game with some typos fixed. This is a new system designed entirely anew. Since becoming a ninja is a life-long thing, started pretty young for most, they have the lifepath character creation system to help bring your character idea to life... path. Anyway, you get the option of 10 different ninja clans (or you can go clanless, if you want), and 20 different jutsu paths for your abilities, plus various skills and backgrounds you can use to customize your character.

Print options will be available soon as well.