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Ninja All-Stars Gameplay Demo Video and Shojo Spotlight

Ninja Division keeps rolling along with their Ninja All-Stars Kickstarter campaign. They have posted up a gameplay video (part 1 of it, anyway), so you can check out how the game works before you buy into the campaign. They also give us a look at Shojo, one of the characters from the game.
You can check out the video below the cut.

From the update:

One of the most famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) ninja on Kagejima, Shojo is one of the biggest proponents of drunken boxing as a legitimate fighting style. While most ninja find it preposterous, Shojo always seems to be just out of reach as she reels and tumbles around her opponents. Despite her love of drink she never lets it get in the way of her trading and negotiating. Many a merchant has turned up to haggle with Shojo dazed and confused by the previous night's revelries while she is fresh and poised.

Gameplay Videos!

We now have 3 gameplay videos that take you through a 3 round demo game between designers Dave Freeman and Deke Stella. Watch as Dave destroys models and Deke proves his Janken mastery.

*Note: These videos represent the game in its Beta format. No components or rules used in the video are final. Also, because it is a demo game no advanced rules are used.