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Nightwing Swarm Preview and UG Games Expo Update from GCT Studios

GCT Studios will be headed to the UK Games Expo next week and they're bringing their Bushido Grand Masters Tournament with them. Is your kung-fu the best to be able to come out on top? If it is, you could just have access to the GCT design team and help create your own mini for the game. Pretty sweet prize.
Along with that, they're showing off a new Wave 23 preview mini in the form of the Nightwing Swarm.


No, this is not some cross-over event with DC where they clone a bunch of Batman's sidekick and let them loose in the Jwar Isles... though that would be pretty cool...
Instead, this is a bat swarm with some extra bite (pun somewhat intended). So now your Giant Cave Bat for Savage Wave can have some little friends to play with.