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Nightlancers Cyberpunk Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Well, it would seem that things haven't gone as well as anyone would've really wanted. After decades of natural disasters, costly and devastating wars, and just an ever-encroaching government incursion into our everyday lives, people have been pushed to the margins. Slums filled with desperate people fill the cities. People are willing to take on whatever job they can in order to make ends meet. And if that requires a bit of cybernetic upgrading, or strange chemical concoctions, so be it. It's into this world that you'll descend in Nightlancer, a new cyberpunk board game up on Kickstarter.

In the game, players take on the role of a Nightlancer, one of those people willing to do what needs to be done in order to survive. Rounds are broken up into three phases. In the Prep phase, you'll draw contract cards (or possibly come across a dangerous Event) and decide whether you want to do any of them or just lay own and heal for a bit. Next is the Street phase where you can go will acquire new gear or take out loans with dangerous loan sharks. Last is the Mission phase where you'll head out on one of those contracts you picked earlier. Each Mission is broken up into three phases as well, with players having to pass each one in order to succeed (hence why being so prepared in the Street phase is so crucial). Granted, you can choose to work together with another player, but you're gonna have to split the winnings. The game lasts 8 rounds, with the player with the most Prospects being declared the winner.

The Kickstarter campaign's up and running now. It's set to go for another 34 days.