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Nightingale Games Announces War Room Board Game

Nightingale Games Announces War Room Board Game

Even if the name Larry Harris doesn’t immediately seem recognizable to you, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of at least one of the games he’s made. It’s a little thing called Axis and Allies. Yeah, you’ve possibly seen someone playing that one before. 😉
Anyway, he’s teamed up with Nightingale Games and has a new game coming out. It’s called War Room and it’ll be headed to Kickstarter this fall.

From the announcement:

Nightingale Games presents the latest game designed by Larry Harris (creator of Axis & Allies and many others) called “WAR ROOM”.

WAR ROOM is a massive, deluxe WWII game with simultaneous, secret movement and production orders and stack-able units played on 42″ round map with a polar perspective.

The game has been in the works for 4 years and a Kickstarter is planned for the Fall of 2017. Check out the demo at the World Board-gaming Championships in PA at the end of July 2017 and chit-chat with Larry Harris in person.