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Nightfolk August releases from Northumbrian Tin Soldier

Northumbrian Tin soldier has their August releases for their Nightfolk line now available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Our latest Nightfolk releases for August are available in our webstore now!

4 Great new characters added to our
Dark Fantasy range of white metal miniatures.

The Ironclad, The Tinhead, The Spellcaster and The Creep.

Part of our growing series of goblins, faeries, imps, gnomes and other assorted creatures and oddities.

The Ironclad - Wrapped in the ancient and battered remains of Nightfolk armour this silent juggernaut is capable of defeating the toughest of enemy hunters...

The Tinhead - The Tinhead is always happy to slice and dice, no hunter has yet got close enough to the Tinhead to ever see behind his visor, or if they have, they have not survived to tell of what they have seen...

The Spellcaster - Steeped in the lore of the Nightfolk The Spellcaster is forever exploring the mysteries of the Darkewood, The foremost practitioner of Wylde Magiks amongst the Nightfolk and unfortunately (for his apprentice Eric) he is very short tempered.....

The Creep - Even the Nightfolk tend to leave The Creep to his own devices, ever so deadly with a blade, his one pleasure is hunting the Generals hunters....