Nightfall – Enraged Wight preview

Alderac Entertainment Group have posted a preview of the Enraged Wight card from their upcoming Nightfall deck building game.

Enraged Wight
Enraged Wight

From their announcement:

We let the members of our Facebook page choose what type of minion we would preview next, vampire, werewolf, hunter or ghoul, and the ghouls won.

Enraged Wight is interestingly enough the only ghoul minion in the base set.  There is an action that features ghouls, but as of yet ghoul activity isn’t as widespread as that of the vampires and werewolves, but one might expect that to change as expansions release…

Enraged Wight is another of the starter deck cards and as such only links to his own color, and features a self-removal trait and the chain effect to inflict a direct 1 damage straight to your opponent.  He has two strength, more than Charlotte did, which can also damage the opponent if he gets through to them.  He wields a mean tombstone from the look of it too.

Have a happy new year and look for more previews in January.  Our next one will be a look at action cards.