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Night of the Carver, Through the Breach RPG Penny Dreadful One Shot, Now Available

Wyrd has a new Through the Breach RPG Penny Dreadful One Shot adventure available (that's quite a mouthful). It seems that this time of year is just right for playing some Through the Breach and this new one-shot adventure is even more in tune with the season. The Carver is coming to town.

Every year, the Carver visits the city of Malifaux an partakes in some wholesale slaughter and murder of innocents (though... I sorta thought that was ALWAYS the case in the city of Malifaux. Life spans seem to have the same duration as "use-by" dates on milk... But anyway...). This adventure takes your players into the city on All Hallow's Eve and, well, it's not trick or treating that you'll be doing.
The book also contains three Encounters for Malifaux, so even if you don't play the RPG, you still might want to check it out.