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Nexus Games to distribute Wings of War

Nexus Games will be distributing the WIngs of War range of games and accessories in the US and other countries. From their announcement:
The future releases and reprints of Wings of War, the game series which merges card and board game mechanics to recreate aerial combat in the XX Century, will be distributed in North America and other territories directly by Nexus Games, the game’s publisher. Until now, the Wings of War products were distributed in the USA and other countries by Fantasy Flight Games, which will continue to offer the current Wings of War items until its stock lasts. Nexus Games thanks Fantasy Flight Games for all these years working together with the Wings of War line. The manufacturer of the game, Nexus Games, will now distribute directly this product range to the North American market and all other territories around the world which were previously serviced by FFG. To answer the most common questions from many customers (gamers, retailers and distributors) that have contacted us since the announcement, we have also created a FAQ .
The French and Spanish market will still be serviced by Edge Entertainment, and the German market by Heidelberger. The first new products that will be released directly by Nexus Games are the 12 airplane packs from the third series of Wings of War Miniatures WW2, which will add to the game the Curtiss P-40E Warhawk, Yakovlev Yak-1, Kawasaki Ki-61 and Reggiane Re.2001 Falco, each in three different color schemes. WW2-Series 3 is expected to be available in stores around the world at the end of august. In September, a reprint of the Wings of War WWI Deluxe Set will be available. At the same time a reissue of some of the most popular miniatures from the Series 1 of World War I planes will be available: the Spad XIII piloted by the american ace pilot Rickenbaker, Elwood’s Sopwith Camel, Udet’s Albatros D.Va and of course the “Red Baron” Von Richtofen’s Fokker DR I. At the same time, two new versions of each of the airplanes from WW1 Series 1 will be made available, with completely new painting schemes: the Spad XIIIs piloted by the aces Coadou and Madon; the Sopwith Camel piloted by Stackard, together with the “Germanized” Camel piloted by Kissenberth; the  Albatros D.Vas of von Hippel and Jacobs; the Fokker DR Is of Kirschstein and Lothar von Richthofen. The range will continue to be expanded by Nexus Games with new releases. A full schedule of the upcoming releases will be issued in July.